2nd Quarter Play-by-Play

  Acadia vs. McGill
  Date: Sep 26, 2015 • Site: Montreal, QC

2nd Quarter Play-by-Play
Mcg 2-14on Mcg44Start of 2nd quarter, clock 15:00.
Mcg 2-14on Mcg44Clock 15:00, Nicolas English pass complete to Y. Langelier-V. for 25 yards to the ACA41, 1ST DOWN MCG (William Wojcik).
Mcg 1-10on Aca41Nicolas English pass incomplete to Y. Langelier-V..
Mcg 2-10on Aca41Clock 14:30, Nicolas English sacked for loss of 6 yards to the ACA47 (Jesse St. James).
Mcg 3-16on Aca47Clock 14:01, Remi Bertellin punt 36 yards to the ACA11, Eli Prochnau return 0 yards to the ACA11, out-of-bounds.
 Drive: 7 plays, 25 yards, TOP 3:36
Aca 1-10on Aca11ACADIA drive start at 13:42.
Aca 1-10on Aca11Clock 13:42, Cody Cluett pass complete to Jaylen McRae for 68 yards to the MCG31, 1ST DOWN ACA (A. Couturier-L.).
Aca 1-10on Mcg31Clock 13:08, Thomas Troop rush for 12 yards to the MCG19, out-of-bounds (C.-W. Tremblay), PENALTY ACA UR - delayed kneed block 15 yards to the MCG46, NO PLAY.
Aca 1-25on Mcg46Cody Cluett pass incomplete to S. Robinson.
Aca 2-25on Mcg46Clock 12:26, Cody Cluett pass incomplete to Brian Jones.
Aca 3-25on Mcg46Clock 12:01, Jeffrey Beattie punt 44 yards to the MCG2, L. Brouillette return 15 yards to the MCG17 (Troy Harrison).
 Drive: 3 plays, 53 yards, TOP 2:03
Mcg 1-10on Mcg17MCGILL drive start at 11:39.
Mcg 1-10on Mcg17Clock 11:39, L. Guimont-Mota rush for 31 yards to the MCG48, 1ST DOWN MCG (Russell Rainey).
Mcg 1-10on Mcg48Clock 11:14, Nicolas English pass complete to L. Brouillette for 7 yards to the 55 yardline.
Mcg 2-3on Mcg55Clock 10:38, Nicolas English sacked for loss of 5 yards to the MCG50 (Ben Wallace;Derek Naugler).
Mcg 3-8on Mcg50Remi Bertellin punt BLOCKED, recovered by ACA Derek Naugler at MCG49 (blocked by Derek Wodz), Derek Naugler for 6 yards to the MCG43 (Remi Bertellin).
 Drive: 3 plays, 33 yards, TOP 1:42
Aca 1-10on Mcg43ACADIA drive start at 09:57, ACA ball on MCG43.
Aca 1-10on Mcg43PENALTY ACA illegal procedure 5 yards to the MCG48.
Aca 1-15on Mcg48Cody Cluett pass incomplete to Brian Jones.
Aca 2-15on Mcg48Thomas Troop rush for 11 yards to the MCG37 (Alexand. Brunet).
Aca 3-4on Mcg37Clock 08:43, Jeffrey Beattie punt 35 yards to the MCG2, out-of-bounds.
 Drive: 2 plays, 6 yards, TOP 1:26
Mcg 1-10on Mcg02MCGILL drive start at 08:31.
Mcg 1-10on Mcg02Clock 08:28, L. Guimont-Mota rush for 9 yards to the MCG11 (Derek Naugler).
Mcg 2-1on Mcg11Clock 08:07, Nicolas English rush for 3 yards to the MCG14, 1ST DOWN MCG.
Mcg 1-10on Mcg14Clock 07:47, Nicolas English rush for 1 yard to the MCG15 (Brady Switzer;Brian Doyle).
Mcg 2-9on Mcg15Clock 07:04, Nicolas English pass incomplete to L. Brouillette (B. Jennings).
Mcg 3-9on Mcg15Clock 06:39, TEAM rush for loss of 15 yards to the MCG0, TEAM safety, clock 06:31.
McGill 13, Acadia 4
Mcg 1-Gon Mcg35Change of possession, ACA ball on ACA35, 1st and 10.
 Drive: 5 plays, minus 2 yards, TOP 2:00
Aca 1-10on Aca35ACADIA drive start at 06:31.
Aca 1-10on Aca35Clock 06:31, Thomas Troop rush for 26 yards to the MCG49, 1ST DOWN ACA (J. Bouchard;Mack Dessources).
McGill #22 A. Bruner injured
Aca 1-10on Mcg49Clock 06:06, Cody Cluett pass complete to S. Robinson for 7 yards to the MCG42 (Mack Dessources).
Acadia #7 S. Robinson injured
Aca 2-3on Mcg42Clock 05:36, Derek Wodz rush for 3 yards to the MCG39, 1ST DOWN ACA (Karl Forgues).
Aca 1-10on Mcg39Clock 05:09, Derek Wodz rush for 16 yards to the MCG23, 1ST DOWN ACA (Mack Dessources;Karl Forgues).
Aca 1-10on Mcg23Clock 04:43, Derek Wodz rush for 7 yards to the MCG16 (Devon Stewart;Alexand. Brunet), PENALTY ACA illegal block 10 yards to the MCG33, NO PLAY.
Aca 1-20on Mcg33Clock 04:21, Derek Wodz rush for 2 yards to the MCG31 (Dane Wagner).
Aca 2-18on Mcg31Clock 03:41, Cody Cluett pass complete to Brian Jones for 3 yards to the MCG28 (Woldy Murat;Karl Forgues).
Acadia #5 B. Jones injured
Aca 3-15on Mcg28Clock 03:06, Jeffrey Beattie field goal attempt from 35 MISSED - wide right, spot at MCG-9, clock 02:36, Y. Langelier-V. return 40 yards to the MCG31.
 Drive: 7 plays, 47 yards, TOP 3:55
Mcg 1-10on Mcg31MCGILL drive start at 02:36.
Mcg 1-10on Mcg31Clock 02:36, L. Guimont-Mota rush for 24 yards to the 55 yardline, 1ST DOWN MCG, out-of-bounds (Russell Rainey), PENALTY ACA UR - piling on 15 yards to the ACA40, 1ST DOWN MCG.
Mcg 1-10on Aca40Nicolas Khandar rush for 9 yards to the ACA31 (Andrew Wilson).
Mcg 2-1on Aca31Clock 02:08, Nicolas Khandar rush for no gain to the ACA31 (Aaron Bourdages).
Mcg 3-1on Aca31Clock 01:55, Nicolas English pass complete to Y. Langelier-V. for 14 yards to the ACA17, 1ST DOWN MCG (H. Hastings).
Mcg 1-10on Aca17Clock 01:55, Nicolas English pass complete to Y. Langelier-V. for 12 yards to the ACA5, 1ST DOWN MCG (Garvin Cius;H. da Costa).
Mcg 1-Gon Aca05Clock 01:06, L. Guimont-Mota rush for 5 yards to the ACA0, 1ST DOWN MCG, TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:46.
L. Brouillette kick attempt good.
McGill 20, Acadia 4
 Drive: 6 plays, 79 yards, TOP 1:58
Remi Bertellin kickoff 53 yards to the ACA12, Jaylen McRae return 20 yards to the ACA32 (Seth Atoapoma;Malik Gagnon).
Aca 1-10on Aca32ACADIA drive start at 00:38.
Aca 1-10on Aca32Clock 00:38, Thomas Troop rush for loss of 1 yard to the ACA31 (Alexand. Brunet).
Aca 2-11on Aca31Clock 00:27, Thomas Troop rush for 4 yards to the ACA35 (C.-W. Tremblay).
Aca 3-7on Aca35Timeout McGill, clock 00:05.
Aca 3-7on Aca35Cody Cluett pass incomplete to Eugene McMinns.
 Drive: 3 plays, 3 yards, TOP 0:38
Mcg 1-10on Aca35MCGILL drive start at 00:00.
Mcg 1-10on Aca35End of half, clock 00:00.
McGill 20, Acadia 4