2nd Quarter Play-by-Play

  MONSTARS vs. Elite Quebec
  Date: Jul 09, 2016 • Site: Montreal,Qc

2nd Quarter Play-by-Play
Monstars1-10on E_qms37Start of 2nd quarter, clock 12:00.
Monstars1-10on E_qms37D. Chatziiliou sacked for loss of 7 yards to the E_QMS44 (Fr. Brouillette).
Monstars2-17on E_qms44S VALENTINE rush for 44 yards to the E_QMS0, 1ST DOWN MONSTARS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 10:54.
Tyr. Buissereth kick attempt good.
MONSTARS 21, Elite Quebec 1
 Drive: 3 plays, 49 yards, TOP 2:23
Tyr. Buissereth kickoff 40 yards to the E_QMS25, Simon Racine return 10 yards to the E_QMS35 (M-A Deslauriers;Just. Sarlabous).
E_qms 1-10on E_qms35ELITE QUEBEC drive start at 10:47.
E_qms 1-10on E_qms35Jeremy Cote sacked for loss of 1 yard to the E_QMS34 (J. Castellino J), PENALTY MONSTARS unnecessary roughness 15 yards to the E_QMS50, 1ST DOWN E_QMS, NO PLAY.
E_qms 1-10on E_qms50PENALTY E_QMS offside 5 yards to the E_QMS45.
E_qms 1-15on E_qms45Jeremy Cote pass incomplete to Benoit Beaulieu.
E_qms 2-15on E_qms45Xavier Daigle rush for 6 yards to the E_QMS51 (Elj. Aiguomudu;Felix Tremblay).
E_qms 3-9on E_qms51Jeremy Cote pass complete to Benoit Beaulieu for 7 yards to the MONSTARS52 (Mich. Phillips).
E_qms 4-2on Monstars52Timeout Elite Quebec, clock 08:12.
E_qms 4-2on Monstars52Iraghi Muganda rush for 3 yards to the MONSTARS49, 1ST DOWN E_QMS (Trevon Johnson).
E_qms 1-10on Monstars49Iraghi Muganda rush for 9 yards to the MONSTARS40 (Felix Tremblay;Jeremy Harvey L).
E_qms 2-1on Monstars40Jeremy Cote pass intercepted by Shane Saletnig at the MONSTARS31, Shane Saletnig return 0 yards to the MONSTARS31.
 Drive: 7 plays, 35 yards, TOP 3:50
Monstars1-10on Monstars31MONSTARS drive start at 06:57.
Monstars1-10on Monstars31Domenic Cenci rush for 25 yards to the E_QMS54, 1ST DOWN MONSTARS (Simon Delisle;Yoan Kallis).
Monstars1-10on E_qms54D. Chatziiliou pass complete to Fabio Petruzzi for 10 yards to the E_QMS44, 1ST DOWN MONSTARS (Mohamed Elshal).
Monstars1-10on E_qms44S VALENTINE rush for 12 yards to the E_QMS32, 1ST DOWN MONSTARS (Nathan Essomba).
Monstars1-10on E_qms32D. Chatziiliou pass incomplete to M-A Deslauriers.
Monstars2-10on E_qms32S VALENTINE rush for 2 yards to the E_QMS30 (Maxime Rousseau).
Monstars3-8on E_qms30D. Chatziiliou pass complete to M-A Deslauriers for 30 yards to the E_QMS0, 1ST DOWN MONSTARS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 03:32.
Tyr. Buissereth kick attempt failed.
MONSTARS 27, Elite Quebec 1
 Drive: 6 plays, 79 yards, TOP 3:27
Tyr. Buissereth kickoff 46 yards to the E_QMS19, out-of-bounds, E_QMS ball on E_QMS19.
E_qms 1-10on E_qms19ELITE QUEBEC drive start at 03:30.
E_qms 1-10on E_qms19Jeremy Cote sacked for loss of 2 yards to the E_QMS17 (Christop. Gomez).
E_qms 2-12on E_qms17Simon Racine rush for loss of 3 yards to the E_QMS14 (Jamaru Dorsey).
E_qms 3-15on E_qms14Jeremy Cote rush for loss of 4 yards to the E_QMS10, fumble by Jeremy Cote recovered by E_QMS Jeremy Cote at E_QMS10.
E_qms 4-19on E_qms10Timeout Elite Quebec, clock 02:07.
E_qms 4-19on E_qms10TEAM rush for loss of 10 yards to the E_QMS0, TEAM safety, clock 02:05.
MONSTARS 29, Elite Quebec 1
E_qms 1-Gon E_qms35ELITE QUEBEC drive start at 02:05.
 Drive: 4 plays, minus 19 yards, TOP 0:06
Xavier Daigle kickoff 26 yards to the MONSTARS49, William De Moor return 16 yards to the E_QMS45.
Monstars1-10on E_qms45MONSTARS drive start at 01:59.
Monstars1-10on E_qms45Shawn Pumphrey rush for loss of 3 yards to the E_QMS48, fumble forced by Felix Lavoie, fumble by Shawn Pumphrey recovered by E_QMS TEAM at E_QMS48.
 Drive: 1 play, minus 3 yards, TOP 0:00
E_qms 1-10on E_qms48ELITE QUEBEC drive start at 01:59.
E_qms 1-10on E_qms48Simon Racine rush for 2 yards to the E_QMS50 (Jeremy Morin).
E_qms 2-8on E_qms50Iraghi Muganda rush for 60 yards to the MONSTARS0, 1ST DOWN E_QMS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 01:14.
Samuel Paquet-L kick attempt good.
MONSTARS 29, Elite Quebec 8
 Drive: 2 plays, 62 yards, TOP 0:46
Samuel Paquet-L kickoff 38 yards to the MONSTARS27, out-of-bounds, MONSTARS ball on MONSTARS28.
Monstars1-10on Monstars28MONSTARS drive start at 01:13.
Monstars1-10on Monstars28S VALENTINE rush for loss of 1 yard to the MONSTARS27, fumble by S VALENTINE recovered by E_QMS Cedrik Rousseau at MONSTARS27.
 Drive: 1 play, minus 1 yard, TOP 0:05
E_qms 1-10on Monstars27ELITE QUEBEC drive start at 01:08.
E_qms 1-10on Monstars27Jeremy Cote pass incomplete to Benoit Beaulieu.
E_qms 2-10on Monstars27Jakob Roy-Dall. rush for no gain to the MONSTARS27 (Liam Masley).
E_qms 3-10on Monstars27Jeremy Cote pass incomplete to Simon Racine (Jeremy Morin).
E_qms 4-10on Monstars27PENALTY E_QMS illegal procedure 5 yards to the MONSTARS32.
E_qms 4-15on Monstars32Samuel Paquet-L field goal attempt from 39 MISSED, kick to MONSTARS1, clock 00:24, Andy Chauvette return 10 yards to the MONSTARS11.
 Drive: 4 plays, minus 5 yards, TOP 1:08
Monstars1-10on Monstars11S VALENTINE rush for 7 yards to the MONSTARS18.
Monstars2-3on Monstars18S VALENTINE rush for 5 yards to the MONSTARS23, 1ST DOWN MONSTARS (;Ch. Mcdonald).
Monstars1-10on Monstars23End of half, clock 00:00.
 Drive: 2 plays, 12 yards, TOP 0:00
MONSTARS 29, Elite Quebec 8