1st Quarter Play-by-Play

  Concordia vs. Bishop's
  Date: Oct 29, 2016 • Site: Lennoxville, Que.

1st Quarter Play-by-Play
Bishop's wins toss, defers. Concordia to receive in River End.
Conc 1-10on Conc45BIS ball on BIS45.
Kevin Simard kickoff 50 yards to the CONC15, Q. Gordon-Maule return 18 yards to the CONC33 (Cecil Belanger).
Conc 1-10on Conc33Colin Sequeira at QB for Concordia.
Conc 1-10on Conc33Jean-Guy Rimpel rush for 3 yards to the CONC36 (Mickael Badra).
Conc 2-7on Conc36Colin Sequeira rush for 5 yards to the CONC41 (Jeremy Magan-F.;Etienne Morin), PENALTY BIS offside 5 yards to the CONC41, NO PLAY.
Conc 2-2on Conc41Jean-Guy Rimpel rush for 4 yards to the CONC45, 1ST DOWN CONC (Keagan Hughes;Frank Lacroix).
Conc 1-10on Conc45Micah Sullivan rush for 8 yards to the CONC53 (Jean Gayrard).
Conc 2-2on Conc53Micah Sullivan rush for loss of 1 yard to the CONC52 (Arnaud Dandin;Jean Gayrard), PENALTY BIS offside 5 yards to the BIS52, 1ST DOWN CONC, NO PLAY.
Conc 1-10on Bis52Widler Exilus rush for 6 yards to the BIS46 (Jean Gayrard;Guill. Trottier).
Conc 2-4on Bis46Widler Exilus rush for 5 yards to the BIS41, 1ST DOWN CONC (Guill. Trottier), PENALTY BIS UR - piling on 15 yards to the BIS26, 1ST DOWN CONC.
Conc 1-10on Bis26Colin Sequeira pass complete to Justin Julien for 26 yards to the BIS0, 1ST DOWN CONC, TOUCHDOWN, clock 11:20.
Patrick Mills kick attempt good.
Concordia 7, Bishop's 0
 Drive: 7 plays, 77 yards, TOP 3:46
Andrew Stevens kickoff 63 yards to the BIS2, P-Alex. Raymond return 11 yards to the BIS13 (Dane Steele).
Bis 1-10on Bis13BISHOP'S drive start at 11:14.
Bis 1-10on Bis13V. Davignon rush for 4 yards to the BIS17 (Andrew Barlett).
Bis 2-6on Bis17Zach Graveson rush for loss of 7 yards to the BIS10 (Andrew Barlett).
Bis 3-13on Bis10TEAM rush for loss of 10 yards to the BIS0, Team safety, clock 10:04.
Concordia 9, Bishop's 0
Bis 1-Gon Bis35Change of possession, CONC ball on CONC35, 1st and 10.
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 13 yards, TOP 1:10
Conc 1-10on Conc35CONCORDIA drive start at 10:04.
Conc 1-10on Conc35Jean-Guy Rimpel rush for 4 yards to the CONC39 (Jean Gayrard;Mathieu Breton), PENALTY CONC holding 10 yards to the CONC25, NO PLAY.
Conc 1-20on Conc25Jean-Guy Rimpel rush for no gain to the CONC25 (Shayne Cowan-C.).
Conc 2-20on Conc25Colin Sequeira pass incomplete to Jarryd Taylor.
Conc 3-20on Conc25Andrew Stevens punt 39 yards to the BIS46, Nathan Walker return 7 yards to the BIS53 (Chris Petel).
 Drive: 2 plays, minus 10 yards, TOP 1:33
Bis 1-10on Bis53BISHOP'S drive start at 08:31.
Bis 1-10on Bis53V. Davignon rush for 12 yards to the CONC45, 1ST DOWN BIS (Sam. Brodrique;Herman Akins).
Bis 1-10on Conc45V. Davignon rush for 2 yards to the CONC43 (Samuel Narkaj;Michael Sanelli).
Bis 2-8on Conc43Mathieu Demers pass incomplete to Cecil Belanger.
Bis 3-8on Conc43Vincent Dube punt 39 yards to the CONC4, out-of-bounds.
 Drive: 3 plays, 14 yards, TOP 1:42
Conc 1-10on Conc04CONCORDIA drive start at 06:49.
Conc 1-10on Conc04Colin Sequeira rush for 2 yards to the CONC6 (Jeremy Magan-F.).
Conc 2-8on Conc06Colin Sequeira pass complete to Yanic Lessard for 6 yards to the CONC12 (Ryan Hector).
Conc 3-2on Conc12Andrew Stevens punt 39 yards to the CONC51, Nathan Walker return 7 yards to the CONC44 (Tanner Green;Quaid Johnson).
 Drive: 2 plays, 8 yards, TOP 1:36
Bis 1-10on Conc44BISHOP'S drive start at 05:13.
Bis 1-10on Conc44V. Davignon rush for loss of 1 yard to the CONC45 (Mickael Cote;Sam. Brodrique).
Bis 2-11on Conc45Mathieu Demers pass incomplete to Costa Jones.
Bis 3-11on Conc45Vincent Dube punt 24 yards to the CONC21, out-of-bounds.
 Drive: 2 plays, minus 1 yard, TOP 1:23
Conc 1-10on Conc21CONCORDIA drive start at 03:50.
Conc 1-10on Conc21Micah Sullivan rush for 1 yard to the CONC22 (Keagan Hughes).
Micah Sullivan (CON) injured.
Conc 2-9on Conc22Colin Sequeira pass complete to V. Alessandrini for 5 yards to the CONC27 (Keagan Hughes;Shayne Cowan-C.).
Conc 3-4on Conc27Andrew Stevens punt 42 yards to the BIS41, Nathan Walker return 10 yards to the BIS51, fumble forced by Chris Petel, fumble by Nathan Walker recovered by CONC Michael Asibuo at BIS51.
 Drive: 2 plays, 6 yards, TOP 1:25
Conc 1-10on Bis51CONCORDIA drive start at 02:25.
Conc 1-10on Bis51Jean-Guy Rimpel rush for 2 yards to the BIS49 (Adam Plamondon;Jeremy Magan-F.).
Conc 2-8on Bis49Colin Sequeira pass intercepted by Shayne Cowan-C. at the BIS39, Shayne Cowan-C. return 38 yards to the CONC33, out-of-bounds (Tanner Green).
 Drive: 2 plays, 2 yards, TOP 1:08
Bis 1-10on Conc33BISHOP'S drive start at 01:17.
Bis 1-10on Conc33Jaeden Marwick at QB for Bishop's.
Bis 1-10on Conc33Jaeden Marwick pass complete to Alex Bouffard for 7 yards to the CONC26 (Michael Asibuo).
Bis 2-3on Conc26Jaeden Marwick pass incomplete to Ryan David, dropped pass.
Bis 3-3on Conc26Vincent Dube field goal attempt from 33 GOOD, clock 00:14.
Concordia 9, Bishop's 3
Bis 1-Gon Bis45Change of possession, BIS ball on BIS35, 1st and 10.
 Drive: 3 plays, 7 yards, TOP 1:03
Bis 1-10on Bis35BISHOP'S drive start at 00:14.
Bis 1-10on Bis35Sergio Kpade rush for 2 yards to the BIS37 (Kyle Hallett).